What is the AUM Meditation good for? Why do actors, dancers, speakers and singers use the AUM? Is the AUM a therapeutic tool? Why do even therapists take part? By perceiving (awareness), understanding and meditating, you develop your awareness of your body, soul, emotions, and spirit.

Physical effects:

The AUM Meditation is a highly active meditation that involves the whole body. Through the exercises, you will lose weight, your skin will become more beautiful (due to detoxification), and you will radiate positive energy. You will improve your vitality and physical fitness, and your energy will flow and your body will become more relaxed.

Psychic effects:

By exploring and expressing feelings, you train your emotional awareness. Actively clearing away emotions like anger and sadness opens your heart, creating space for more happiness and love in your life. Regaining your strength strengthens your self-confidence. You become more grounded and centered. Becoming a master of your emotions means you can become the master of your own life. If you do not have to carry the burden of past emotions, you can react consciously and freely in any situation instead of becoming a victim of emotionally reactive behavior. You will feel more balanced and live your life more holistically.

Health benefits:

Expressing suppressed emotions frees your body and can prevent diseases such as cancer, stroke, and stomach ulcers. Stress is reduced, blood pressure is more balanced, and your body is detoxified. The AUM helps to strengthen the immune system and increases your ability to heal yourself.

Spiritual expansion:

The more often you do the AUM Meditation, the more you will learn to perceive your emotions and feelings. This deepens your meditation and clears space for stillness and inner peace. You will see your conditioning more clearly, and your ability to master your thoughts will increase.

Social opportunities:

The AUM is a social meditation through which you connect with and learn from others. Doing the AUM with your friends gives you the opportunity to declutter, have fun, and open your heart. Hugging is healing, and being close to others will nourish you.

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Speaking of “social”

There is an ➤ AUM Telegram group that is “attached” to my Telegram channel. Feel free to use this group for inquiries and arrangements regarding ride sharing and overnight accommodations. It’s really great, not just for people who come from further away, when you support each other, find a place to sleep, have breakfast together and learn from each other.

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For speakers, actors, singers, musical performers:

“Vocal Authority” does not come from understanding causal relationships, technique, or physical fitness alone. Are you there with your soul and your heart? Are you really involved? To what percentage are you willing to get emotionally involved? What is stopping you from being 100% committed to going all-in?

Foto: Anukan
Foto: Anukan
For coaches, for people who work with others:

Whether in care, therapy, education, you can only accompany people as far as you have gone yourself. The AUM Meditation provides a good foundation for this. It is not enough to read about it or hear about it: Do it for yourself!

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In this podcast episode (in German language) by Bjørn Thorsten Leimbach, the topic is emotions! Fear, anger, uncertainty, jealousy – these are all emotions that many people don’t want to encounter. They spend their whole lives running away from situations where they could be confronted with these feelings. But why is it still so important to experience intense emotions?

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Could Your Emotions Trigger Inflammation?

The following article discusses the link between undigested emotions, commonly referred to as stress, and chronic inflammation. It highlights how taking care of your emotional health can have positive effects on your physical and spiritual well-being. You can read more about this topic by following this link

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Ringo Starr and Bob Roth talk about “Send Love, Spread Pease” and Meditation Science

Fab Four drummer and peace activist, Ringo Starr talks about going to see the Maharishi and the gift of meditation. Bob Roth, renowned meditation teacher of 60 years and CEO of the David Lynch Foundation, talks about the scientifically documented capacity of meditation to cultivate peace for the individual and the collective.

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