In addition to the “Standard AUM” (approx. 2.5 hours), there are other variations of the AUM, such as the “Mini-AUM” (approx. 1.5 hours) and the “Animal AUM” or the “Kids AUM” (about 45 minutes).

    I have been leading the AUM several times a month since 2021 and vary both the length and focus of each stage, depending on the group and participants.

    It is important to me to prepare the participants, who usually come from their daily lives and will return to it afterwards, in a way so that they can get the most out of the process and still go to work feeling refreshed and centered the next day. To get started, I therefore use various preparatory playful exercises from improvisational theater in order to let the logical mind run a little empty. 😉

    There is also a quick briefing and explanation each time through all 14 stages, whereby I alternately go into two or three of them in more detail.

    In addition, during the AUM with me, you get the opportunity to work with yourself in front of a mirror in some stages. Relatively new but working well is the integration of elements from Primal Play in the “Dance of the Lovers” phase. Therefore, an “Extended AUM” like the one I lead takes a little longer than a “Standard AUM”, totaling about 4.5 hours. There is a short break after about 75 minutes, the last 3 hours are done in one go.

    A “Special AUM” is the one that takes place at the -> Diamond Lotus Tantra Institute where you can also work with nudity and issues related to it.