The 14 stages of the AUM Meditation guide you in a safe and supportive environment through 14 aspects of the human experience: hatred, forgiveness, love, stamina, life energy, chaos, dance, sadness, laughter, sensuality, chanting, silence, respect and sharing.

“The Humaniversity AUM Meditation is a social process to help you discover who you are by exploring
the full range of your emotions. It will help you transform stress into creativity and well-being. The goal
is to make friends with yourself and others.”

The stages of the AUM Meditation could be divided into:


Die 14 Phasen der AUM: 1) Negativität / Nein! / (Selbst-)Ablehnung 2) Verzeihung (Wenn ich Dich verletzt habe, tut es mir leid) 3) Positivität / Ja! / (Selbst-)Liebe / Ich liebe Dich! 4) „Second Wind“ 5) Schütteln 6) Freak Out 7) Tanzen (lass Deinen Körper tanzen und Dich führen) 8) Weinen 9) Lachen 10) Tanz der Liebenden 11) Singen des Mantras „Aum/Om“ 12) Stille 13) Namasté 14) Teile Dich mit!

In Stages 1 to 3 we work with ourselves, or in front of a mirror, and later, another person becomes the whitnesse, or the mirror in which you can recognize yourself.

1) Negativity / No! / (self-)rejection / Anger

In this safe space, you can discharge your rational and irrational negativity, frustration and tension – all your stress, anger, and hate. By using all your energy in this stage to express everything that is in you and to cleanse yourself of it, you can then meet both yourself and other people more liberated, involve yourself, and open the door for love again.

2) Repent! …

“If you repent, you awake yourself. Because there is no other way to repent unless you awake yourself, unless you come to realize and see what you have been doing, how you have been living, how you have been wasting, how you have been hurting. When you come to realize it, a flame starts burning in you, an awareness; and in that awareness, in that light, darkness disappears. It is not that there is a God personified sitting somewhere on a throne in heaven who goes on forgiving you. There is nobody to forgive you. But if you repent, you will be forgiven.” (Osho: Come Follow To You, Vol. 4, Discourse #11)

3) Positivity / Yes! / (self-)love / I love you!

Take the position of a loving heart, the way of the Buddha. Inside everyone is a loving human being. Now is the time to reverse your energy with the same intensity you used to express your negativity, to open your heart. By expressing your love and appreciation to others, you will exchange warm, heartfelt feelings, and you will feel nourished. You will learn that you are lovable just the way you are, fulfilled, and content.

. . .

Stages 4-7 of the AUM address the body! The body is always in the here and now and has an inherent wisdom. It stores emotions and memories, as well as joy and almost unlimited energy.

4) “Second Wind”

Get out of your comfort zone with the help of the group. You can do so much more than you think! Revive your physical energy by accessing the Qi (Chi/Ki) power in your body that you would normally only use in emergency situations. It is referred to (not only by marathon runners) as the “Second Wind”. By running in place, you create extra energy to break through your resistance. Then you will feel a lightness in your body, which we also call “jogger’s high”.

5) Shake (kundalini rising, no control, pattern breaking)

Shaking means your whole body is vibrating. By shaking, you release tension and reach a state that Wilhelm Reich called the “orgasm reflex”. Your whole body’s energy becomes a flow. Fear, repression and inhibition result in a rigid body that is stiff and inflexible with contracted muscles. The shaking lets the energy flow through the whole body again. Shaking as a healing method can be found in many different cultures.

6) Freak Out

Imagine being locked up in a psychiatric hospital and expressing your fear, horror, and despair about it. Catharsis is an expressive, cleansing process of all the tension and madness that has accumulated within you and surrounds you without. Resentment and negativity are poison to your body, and you need to let go of these destructive emotions to make room for more love. Use breathing, movement, and your voice! (At a later stage, we will add touch as the fourth element.) Use your breath, move “abnormally” all the time, and dare to make the craziest noises! When you consciously express your madness, you stay sane. This is the time to give everything and be as total as possible. You can scream, yell, throw a tantrum, jump, or cry, etc. When the old repressions are cleared out, you will be a healthier person.

7) Dance (let your body dance and guide you) & „free your body“

This is the time to celebrate; to have fun as your body moves, guided by the changing rhythms and melodies. Dance relaxed and whatever you are feeling, let your body express it and flow with the music. Pretend that God asked you to dance for him. Let the “show dancer” go and free your body from automatisms and stereotypes.

. . .

In Stages 8-10 of the AUM we discover our tears, laughter and sensuality. Meet yourself in your challenges and joys. Become a fluent and alive person!

8) Crying (melting)

Let yourself become a little child. Remember painful situations in your life. Let the tears flow and heal your old wounds. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and sensitive, feel the pain and sadness. Think of all the starving and suffering people in the world, of situations where your heart was broken or you felt humiliated or disappointed. Or imagine that the person you love the most just died. When you allow yourself to simply cry, your body softens and you begin to heal and move towards a connection with your heart, towards joy.

9) Laughter

Laughter is the best medicine. Let every cell in your body come alive. Find your inner switch to reverse your energy and laugh. Join the others in the group, be playful and crack jokes. Make each other giggle. Being happy is your birthright.

10) Dance of the Lovers

Feel your heart and touch the sky. Move your body and feel beautiful and sexy. Shake your butt, turn each other on. Let the kundalini rise, let your body vibrate, let the spirit of love take the lead. The lovers’ dance is an opportunity to discover your sexy side. Feel your liveliness and “juiciness” 😉 while sharing your sensuality with the others. Celebrate and enjoy the pleasure.

. . .

After relating, expressing and digging our emotions, in Stages 11-13 we are naturally thrown back to our center. We become aware of the subtler energies. When our hearts open, words lose their meaning, and we know that we are connected to each other and to the universe.

11) Chanting the mantra “Aum/Om”

The first ten stages of AUM are a preparation for chanting the mantra “Aum/Om”, and this chanting is a preparation for the silence that follows. “Aum” is the sound of the universe and integrates your previous experiences of this meditation. You will feel more comfortable, calmer, and more peaceful deep down. When you chant “Aum”, you can feel that you are one with creation.

12) Silence

Turn all your energy inward and experience stillness. There are no more outside activities; just witness your thoughts and emotions. In this empty space, you can feel your connection with creation. Enjoy that inner wonder: Wow! Sit still, do nothing, let all thoughts drop. Spring is coming, and the grass will grow by itself; don’t judge, just watch.

13) Namaste

Namasté means: “I recognize and greet the Buddha in you.” When you come out of the room of wonder, everyone is unique and lovable. You just have to open your heart and see it. It’s time to acknowledge each other, to enjoy this love, to embrace each other.

14) One last step: Share!

To complete the meditation, share your experiences with the others. It’s good to verbalise what was difficult, what was great, and what you learned. This also gives you the opportunity to listen to your friends’ experiences and learn from them.

. . .

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